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Good news :

android 8.1 headunit for BMW, 4+32G is available in one or two weeks, we are again the first launch for the new products ( ahead of competitor for about 2 months)

headunit android 9 menu

headunit android 9 menu 3headunit android 9 menu 4

headunit android 9 menu 2

headunit android 9 menu


Android 9 Qualcomm 8 core and BUILT-IN CARPLAY version 5 Series E60 CCC 3 Series E90

is on presale, the products should come out in late April or early May, ship from China. 

VW/Skoda/Seat product with BUILT-IN CARPLAY is on presale.

Pre-order get a discount price and rear camera as gift at this time.



Qualcomm CPU, Android 9.1, large screen for BMW, is coming this month.


we are providing px6 6 core, android 8.1 large screen for BMW

neweset carplay&android auto model for VW:

carplay VWcarplay VW

August 28:

New Arrival:  For BMW E39 E46 E53, 9" Screen Android 7.1, 8core 2+32G, which had integrated with Carplay. The corresponding models are EW801 EW802 (expecting carplay on more models), carplay interface show:

August 23: 

EW963BWCCC For E60--E64 restocked.

Several new 2+32G BMW navigation model with new design is online.

The new separative design make the cpu memeroy part in a box, part away from screen, it  improves heat emission, and facilitates maintenance, greatly reduce wholesaler's stock pressure. 

BMW E70 Navi

See detail here:

July 16, 2018:

New trim screen combination navigation for VW ( fit for 50-100 car models ) will be online lately. This separative navigation will reduce stock pressure for retailers.

July 10, 2018:

Navigation for VW/ Passat/POLO/GOLF/Skoda/Seat/Leon  various models is online, please 


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