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It’s becoming less and less common to find a car without a half-decent navigation device fitted as standard. Someone who is interested in installing a GPS in your car may met the problem that the cost of all the peripherals (iPod integration, BT etc) is making it prohibitive, when this time you may consider about the trending 10.25" Integrated Aftermarket Sat Nav , you don't need to buy another separate radio device, tv tuner or anything else.

Large screen Sat Nav

There’s plenty of new cars on the market which come with satellite navigation built-in, or at least the ability to pair a smartphone to behave like one. Head over to our car accessories of Apple CarPlay .



Apple CarPlay

Want to play smartphone on the road? You may want Wifi Access in the car, see the 100M speed Internet access, anywhere there is electricity there is Wifi.


Mobile Wifi

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