How to install navi on AUDI A4 Q5 and frequently asked setting question

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1, Compatibility for A4 B8, A5, Q5
2, Get Audio from AUX
3, Original and android interface switch
4, System password, and change startup logo


1, Can this Android Audi Q5/A5/A4 navigation head unit fit and work with my car?

Well, this Android navigation head unit fits most Audi Q5, Audi A5, and Audi A4/A4L. But we do find some models are not compatible because the LVDS plug behind the factory screen unit is different, this unit is special for the car with 10 pins square LVDS plug. If you send us your dashboard picture including factory screen and the buttons below the shift gear so that we can check for you. ( contact:  whatsapp: +86 15523591904)


1. This radio only fits for the Audi A4/S4/RS4 left hand drive. Not suitable for right hand drive.
2. This product only fits for the Audi A4/S4/RS4 with Concert/Symphony radio with 6.5-inch TFT colour screen. 

NOT compatible with MMI 2G Low/Basic
NOT compatible with MMI 2G High(6.5-inch TFT color display)
NOT compatible with MMI 3G Low/Basic(6.5-inch TFT color display)
NOT compatible with MMI 3G High(7-inch TFT color display)
NOT compatible with MMI 3G/3G+(7-inch TFT color display)

3. Please press MEDIA button on the raido panel and check audio source options.
If your car has the AMI, instead of AUX, then you need the Audi AMI-AUX adapter cord.


audi compatibility

compatible car model

 if there is no sound after you activate the AUX function, you may need an RCA AUX cable, like below


 if your car doesn't have sound, after activate the AUX function, buy one RCA AUX cable

 AUX cable


2, Get Audio from AUX

1.Retrofitting device’s sound comes out from original speaker. Firstly, enter into original CD

menu and launch AUX, after AUX launched, press button “media” from original CD board to switch the sound between original radio, CD and our unit.
2.When playing original Radio or CD ,GPS navigation system will activate the small speaker

note: If your car has Fibre Optics, you need to remove it to connectors which plug into radio


3 Original and android interface switch 

a.When stay on original interface,click touch screen to enter into our device’s interface
b.When stay on our device’s main menu,click”original car” at the left corner to enter into original interface



4, Change startup logo

in setting--> factory setting, password: 1314


Audi Startup interface setting
















 Factory setting password: 1314