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How to install navi on AUDI A4 Q5 and frequently asked setting question


Change startup logo in setting--> factory setting, password: 1314

Audi Startup interface setting



How to install the Audi Q5 A5 A4 Android Navigation Multimedia Head Unit?

Just follow the following step by step instructions, you may need to send installation instruction to your installer before he starts the work, so it takes less time for installing if your installer has not installed such a unit before.

1,The first thing you need to do is removing the central air conditioning vents using dash pry tool, pry the edge of the vents, when it’s loose then pull out the air vents.

audi install 1

2,After the air vents was taken out, remove 2 screws  which holds the radio/cd player, remove the below climate control and cd player in the middle, unplug all cables behind.


3, Now it’s time to remove factory screen. Firstly take out the trim strip, then use the pry tool to detach the frame, then you can see 4 screws which holds the factory screen unit.

4, After you removed the factory screen, you can connect all included cables with main unit, and put the main unit in the glove box or inside of the dashboard. Note: When you put the red/white/blue and other plugs with the main unit, please pay attention to the connector, so that you won’t get wrong, if you look carefully, you can see all these connectors are different, this step is very important, if you can not make sure where the cable goes, just feel free to contact us and send us your pictures.

you can connect the new touch screen unit with 2 white plugs at the back of the screen

5, Connect the power adapter plugs(as below 1 and 2) with the back of cd player and factory wiring harness, connect the plug 3 and plug 4 with your cables behind climate control panel.

Plug 1: connect the factory power wiring harness which was connected to the back of your radio before.
Plug 2: connect to the back of your radio/cd.
Plug 3 and 4: unplug the cables behind climate control panel, then connect plug 3 and 4 with them.

If every cables have been connected correctly now, you can turn on the car and test the screen unit now.

6, If everything goes well, you can install back the climate control, cd player, and install the new touch screen unit, frame, trim, etc. This should not be difficult for you as you have already known how to remove them.