Support for dealers

Our dealers get our full tech support, we can do:

Customize system information in apps for large customers.

Developing Android system patches to solve problems.

Hardware software maintenance guide.

Faulty hardware fix, exchange.

Proivde free update file.


Our advantage:

1. Our stocks are in Germany, our dealers won't need to wait one month to get products.

2. Due to our tech advantage in developing new products, our dealers will get new trending products ahead of other competitors.

3. Our dealers won price advantage from us. Our dealers are from all over the world: NL, DE, UK, IT, CA, RO, HU, PO, etc. We  adjusting our price according to market. There are reseller imported from China and branded as a EU company, then they could increase a 20%-80% price, and they can't provide the necessary service. Many single one and dealers just get into the trap. 

4. Luchi established in 2008, the first modified navi on BMW made by us in 2011. Our old official site ( verify our development.

5. We committed to our warranty promise, any single case would be treated seriously. First, dealers contact our sales,  we would help dealers to identify the problem, they would solve the simple problem under guide from our engineer. Second, if it's hardware problem, dealers can't make it right by themselves, they send it back, we will fix it or exchange a new one.

From reseller, you will experience a more complicated workflow.